Friday, Jun 29, 2018

Move Toward What You Want

Just came in from my beach walk. I feel rejuvenated.

I almost didn’t do it. I was in Montanita to use the ATM. I stopped and had a beer, then decided to take the bus back. The beach is impassable from Montanita to Olon, so if I am going to walk the beach home I need to grab the bus from Montanita to Olon first.

When I got on the bus I thought, “Do I really want to walk home? It is going to take an hour, I still have my blog to write, I’m a little tired from the beer, maybe I should just ride the bus to my house. It stops right in front of it after all.”

When the bus rolled into Olon I thought about how good I would feel after I walked an hour on the beach. It is the best and cheapest therapy around after all. At that point I stopped thinking; just stood up, got off the bus and made myself move toward the beach. I committed. As I walked from the main road to the beach I already felt better about my choice.

When my feet hit the sand I was instantly energized. I was doing exactly what I love doing. Sure it can get tiring while I’m doing it. Sometimes it even feels too long and it seems too far. In those moments I just focus on exactly where I am at. I stay present with what is right in front of and around me, and as I move toward my house I am home before I know it. Before I got home today I passed this love note from the ocean.

Wedding Crasher

The neighbors are getting ready for a huge wedding party Saturday night. When I came through the gate at the beach there were two mega tents set up in their big yard facing the ocean. Tables and chairs were stacked tall, not yet set up.

I have to walk past the neighbors house as I move toward mine, so I saw the backyard of their house filled with banquet tables underneath another tent. It appears they are easily preparing for more than a hundred people. Looks like it is definitely going to be a party.

Big weddings in Ecuador often last until sunrise. The neighbors have had weddings here before. Music plays, and people laugh and are loud the whole time. It is actually enjoyable to listen to…at least for awhile. Something about all that commotion works well with me. I think it just feels like people are alive and enjoying their moments.  Maybe if it is really crazy I will crash it. Hmmm, am I a friend of the bride or the groom?  😉

Montanita Bridge

I have lived here over a year now and found something out that amazes me. Until now I never knew this. In Montanita there is a bridge at the north end of town. On the east side of this bridge, big ass iguanas live there. They hang out on the rocks lining the bank next to the bridge and on the underneath area of the bridge itself. It’s their home.

This area is like a tourist attraction. People line up along the bridge and feed the iguanas. On the day this was pointed out to me, several huge iguanas were just chilling on the rocks, looking at the people who move toward them from the bridge with food. My phone had died so I didn’t get a pic that day. I did go back and got this one of two chillin’ out under the bridge. 


If you didn’t know, and I am not sure how that is even possible, the World Cup is playing. I walked through Montanita one day this week and all eyes were glued on the games. Every place that had a TV had it on the game. People stopped walking the streets and stood outside restaurants and bars hoping to see the action. It was pretty crazy.

The only people who noticed me taking pics were the three guys in this pic below. Dang, busted!

Hope you all have a great weekend!