Sunday, Jul 31, 2016

After a great breakfast of empanadas de verde y un huevo frito (boiled and mashed, green plantain pancake with cheese, onions, and peppers mixed in, topped with a fried egg) we said good bye to Don, Donna, Doug…and our fostered dog Monte. Monte was excited to once again be in the front seat of the red truck he knows so well, sitting on Don’s lap as they got ready to drive back to the coast.

Before Monte jumped into the truck though, Heidi and I got a couple of pics of our favorite four legged pal. He has been through a lot with us the last three months. From leaving the coast with us to come to Cuenca, staying at the Otorongo Apartments when we arrived, being with us as we tried to save our dog Keeper and ultimately had to say goodbye, to moving into two different homes since we have been in Cuenca, Monte has been with us through all of it. 20160731_081233-1 20160731_081231-1

We certainly got attached to him, and we are happy Monte gets to be at home now with his real family. Having him with us after Keeper died helped us adjust during the weeks that followed. Since Keeper and Monte had been Bahia beach buddies, somehow having Monte around felt like Keeper was still close to us too.

Heidi and I met up with Pam and Eddy for lunch. We enjoyed a tasty lunch with the two of them, and caught up on Eddy’s travel adventures, or maybe mis-adventures, coming back to Ecuador. The lesson is you just have to have a lot of patience, and bit of good luck when flying anymore.

Eddy was in Miami and was kind enough to bring back a few items for us…like some decent oven mitts for Heidi. The hot pads and oven mitts we have, and the only ones we see available here, are very thin and flimsy. With all the cooking my wife is doing I feel the least I can do is make sure she doesn’t burn herself getting things out of a hot oven. 😉

The Punto Net installer was supposed to bring me a repeater today to help the signal through all the interior brick walls we have. He called me, and after a very painful Spanish conversation, I believe he said that I have to go to the Punto Net office and pick it up.

When he left on Friday (and was scheduled back today), I asked him if he was bringing the repeater, or if I had to get it. He said he was bringing it. I really don’t understand why I have to go get it. The monthly billing is done on my credit card, and they have all of the information on the contract. It seems the repeater could have been charged on my card, and brought and installed by the rep.

I called Punto Net customer service after I hung up with the installer. I asked if there was someone who speaks English I could speak with. There wasn’t, but the rep I was speaking with used a translator program to talk to me in English. I was using my translator program to answer back to him in Spanish. Unfortunately, we didn’t get this issue resolved, and I will still have to go to the Punto Net office. I believe he did however go above and beyond in trying to communicate with me, and I really appreciated his effort.

Can’t wait until I know more Spanish.