Monday, Aug 1, 2016

Where are the months going? The days seem to go by fast for me here in Ecuador. I walked to Spanish class today and made it there in just under 30 min from my house. Walking works for me. I enjoy the exercise and being outside.

After Spanish I walked to Punto Net to figure out how I am going to get a wireless signal through my whole place since the interior brick walls are interfering. There was an employee who spoke English and she translated for me with the technical representative, and we decided a second router would be a better option than a repeater. I’ll keep you posted how it works out.

Our water stopped working today. I guess the men constructing the park tore through a water main. Our water was down for several hours and when it came back on there was a significant amount of mud in it. I’ve been letting our water run periodically since they fixed it to flush out all the dirt.

Here is what the water looked like the first time I turned it on, and then, since I have been letting it run. Cuenca has great drinking water from the tap, which is actually an oddity in Ecuador. In many places here the drinking water has to be purchased.

20160801_170217 20160801_181533


What do you think? Safe to drink?






Have a great week everyone!