Wednesday, Jul 27, 2016

Sitting at my computer I was looking out my window toward the field next to the Yanuncay river, and I saw this indigenous woman cutting the tall grass and putting into her sack. I’ve mentioned this before.

It is a daily occurrence seeing women come to this field and fill their large sacks up with the grasses of the field. I have found out that they use the grass to feed their livestock. Personally I think it’s great that they can cut the grass from this public area to use in that way. I have no idea if it is actually legal, but it definitely is allowed.20160726_105445

Heidi and I went to Feria Libre market today. It’s Wednesday and that means ALL the vendors are there selling their wares. We have begun to know the layout of the place so we can avoid meandering through large areas of things we aren’t interested in. There are so many vendors selling the same things- shirts, pants, shoes, fruits, vegetables…all alike. I honestly can’t figure out how any one person makes enough money to stay in business. Obviously they have found a way.

Before we came back to our place, we stopped at a little restaurant near the market. When I’ve walked by previously the owner is always grilling chicken, beef, and pork on his big grill outside next the entrance. It smells delicious so today we decided to try lunch there. I had the chicken and Heidi had the beef and they were both excellent. The place is just a little hole in the wall dive, but sometimes these places have the best tasting food.

We took Monte for a walk and he didn’t want to get back on his leash. He loves to run in the park…and then run from us when it’s time to go. I missed Monte’s big running of a circle around Heidi as she tried to get him on the leash, but you can still get the idea.

Monte’s parents are coming Friday to take him back to Canada with them. We are going to miss this little guy a lot!