Saturday, Jul 30, 2016

We have had a great day visiting with our friends from Bahia. We walked from our house into El Centro and hit the markets looking for some spices that Donna wanted to use for dinner tonight. Along the way we passed our favorite cappuccino hangout and stopped in for a “cup-u-energino”.

Donna, Heidi, Doug, and Don

Donna, Heidi, Doug, and Don

Heidi and Donna spent some time in San Francisco market looking for wool blankets. While they were there, Heidi decided a wall hanging of an Inca dude would be good to hang on our wall to cover some wires from our internet router. That wife of mine is always thinking. 🙂20160731_083930

Doug, Donna, and Heidi made a dish called Paella, a spanish dish made of rice, vegetables, and meat or fish. Ours was filled with fresh chunks of corvina and large prawns. They also added fresh peas with garlic, tumeric, and achiote for seasonings. Not only was it delicious I couldn’t believe how filling it was.

We have had a great visit and it’s felt good to be together with people we went through so much with. Don, Donna, and Doug leave tomorrow for the coast. After a short time there, Don and Donna head back to Canada. They will have Monte, their dog, with them. I think it will be bitter sweet for me and Heidi when Monte leaves with them tomorrow.