Monday, Dec 26, 2018

Pool time party time

A gorgeous morning on the coast! The pool quickly became the meeting point for everyone this morning. Whether someone was in the pool, or on a floatie, or sitting on one of the descending stairs into the water, the hot sun was counteracted by the cool pool water. With the ocean just outside this private oasis, we can hear the roar of the waves at high tide hitting the shore.

Our friends Roy and Melody have found a condo to rent here in San Clemente. Since their arrival back to Ecuador post-quake last month, they have been living here at the Cottages. Next week they will be moving to their new digs.

Everyone piled into Don and Donna’s truck and we drove to the north end of San Clemente to take a look at where they will be living. Heidi and I looked at this complex during our visit in 2014 and I really thought this is where we would be living when we first moved to Ecuador. Of course we ended up in Bahia and then a cascade of new friends and new experiences began from there.

And this is exactly how life goes. Of course the big events which have immediate and profound effects on our trajectory are the ones we most often remember, but most of our journey is created through a series of seemingly unnoticed small events. Turn left instead of right. Stay here instead of there. Because of this it is important to appreciate the mystery and beauty created in our lives just by getting up in the morning and walking out the front door.

The complex at Vistazul is nice. Three story condos sit among tropical landscaped grounds. The third floor of each of these condos is an open terrace, covered by a bamboo thatched roof. They all face the ocean and although in some parts of the complex the view can be obstructed by the hotel sitting across the street, the ocean breeze is cool and refreshing just the same.

Melody and Roy are going to enjoy this place. It is just a short walk to the beach across the street. Also, for a monthly fee they can use the large pool at the hotel, Palmazul.

By the pool at Palmazul

While we are at this end of town, we decided to go to Meier’s for lunch. We have eaten here before when lived in Bahia. Meier is known for his pizza, but that is only served on the weekends. Today we are having the seafood lunch platters. Sounds like an ok deal to me. 🙂

Our day has been pretty kick back. In the evening we made some chicken nachos and played cards around the big tree trunk table by the pool. Evenings are really great here…still in shorts, tee-shirt, and flip-flops.