Friday, Jan 19, 2018

High Season Is Here

How is your mid-January going? For those of you caught up in the freeze in the US, my sympathies. Come to Ecuador because right now the weather on the coast is fantastic! I was in Montanita a couple of times this week and this eclectic surf town is beginning to come to life again. Take a look.

Lido Beach Restaurant

Our big outing this week was with our neighbors, Kim and Bruce, and their guests from Canada, Don, Heather, and Zoran. We had a great dinner at the Lido Beach Restaurant. This has become one of our most favored places to eat. It is located in the Kundalini Hostel in Montanita. As you see, Kim and Heather decided to kick up some sand. 🙂


Beach Walks

My walks on the beach this week have been incredible. Usually the sun is out or comes out shortly after I begin to walk. With the cool breeze coming off the ocean the temperature is perfect. On this particular morning a couple local horses decided a beach walk was just too great to pass up.

high season

A Beach Walk Is Good Horse Sense

Turtle Time

The other thing that has been happening on the beach this week is the sea turtles hatching. I have yet to see one. Our neighbors have seen many, and Heidi was lucky enough to see two of the hatchlings making their way to the ocean. The tide was low so it was a long walk for these little guys to make it to the surf when Heidi came upon them. She, being the great mother she is, stayed with them until they made it safely into the ocean. Vultures circling overhead…beware of the mama bear. 😉


Which Way to the Ocean?










Not all things make it though as you have seen many time here on my blog. I put my foot in the photo to give you a sense of size of this puffer fish.

Puffer Fish

Sunset Satisfaction

The sunsets this week are beyond words to describe. I try to capture what I am seeing with my phone. My pics do not do justice to what I get to witness every evening. Nevertheless, here are some of our Ecuadorian sunsets this week,

high season

Chau amigos!