Friday, Jan 26, 2018


We have a guest. Not just any guest but an actual relative. We have had friends visit, but our relatives seem to shy away. Maybe it’s because they think we ride buses with the chickens (we don’t), or maybe because we cannot flush toilet paper (it goes in the waste can), or maybe because of the thought of bugs and crawly things (they usually don’t crawl ON us).

Regardless, Heidi’s sister Chris has made the trip and arrived safely. She is already more than half way through her 10 day trip. The time goes by way too fast when people come to visit. Part of the reason is that it is a long travel day from the states when you begin on the west coast. It usually requires an overnight stay in Guayaquil because arrival into the country is after 11 pm. Once in Guayaquil, there still is a 3 hour bus ride to our town. It takes commitment to come visit us!

Only in Montanita

Chris made that commitment and she made it safe and sound. Since she has been here she has been taken to all the places we hang out. One of the first things we did was take her to Montanita. We sat at cocktail alley and watched the people walk by us. It is quite entertaining. Since it was Monday night it was a bit sedate, but a nice way to break Chris into the craziness of this place.


Chris and Heidi in Montanita

Speaking of crazy, there are some people in Montanita who refuse to just “walk on by”. This happened before Chris arrived. I’ve nicknamed them the Massage Sisters.

These three woman stopped and asked if we wanted neck massages. Pretty much we all said, “No gracias,” but I guess they don’t speak Spanish because they just started in on Heidi, Michelle, and Chase. The more we said no the more aggressive they got with the massage.

Michelle was the first to cave. In the middle of a “no” she said,  “Oh my gosh this feels good, ok give me the massage.” I think these ladies know what they are doing. Easton and I were the only holdouts. I just wasn’t feeling it; there on cocktail alley to have my shirt off while I’m getting a massage as all the people are walking by. Take a look for yourself.


Beach Sun and Sun Burn

Anyway, back to Chris. She has enjoyed the beautiful beach, walking the hour long trip from San Jose into Olon. She also has learned that sunblock must be put on everywhere, including your feet. All I can say is, “Owww.”

Fortunately Chris was able to get out of the sun while we enjoyed lunch at a beach cabana, drank cervezas, and watched the surfers and swimmers on the beach. It is a pretty great life here.



Beach Selfie

We took Chris to Ayampe to see the beach there. It has been several months since we have been in Ayampe. Since that time the loads of drift wood on the beach have either been cleaned up or gone back out to sea. The beach was beautiful this day.

30 minutes from Montanit. Ayampe beach

Heidi and Chris Stroll the Beach

Chase, Easton, and Michelle…almost a private piece of the coast

It is really hard to explain how few people are on the beaches here. Everyone basically has their own private area to relax and enjoy the sun and surf. It really is paradise.

Finca Punta

We also ate at our favorite restaurant on the mountainside, Finca Punta Ayampe. The view is incredible, overlooking the famous Ayampe Rocks, and so is the food!

Punta Finca Ayampe

Aunt Chris and Her Nephews

Samai Lodge

Samai Lodge VIew

We also went to Samai Lodge for lunch during one of our days this week. It is only 5 minutes or so up the mountainside from our house. Chris was able to see the incredible view of the town of San Jose and its beach from up high in this jungle covered mountainside.

We introduced her to Tania and Ed, the owners. Ed was nice enough to give us the grand tour of the property. As you may recall, this is where Heidi and I had our first experience with the ancient medicine used by the shamans of the Amazon.


Met a Blog Reader!

Barb, Todd, Catherine, Jo (Scott took pic)

I got to meet a couple this week who follow my blog, Catherine and Scott. They made the trip over here from the states recently, and are in route to see just about everything Ecuador has to offer during their visit. I also met two of their friends who live in Mirador San Jose (not to be confused with San Jose where I live). We had a great lunch on the beach in Olon. As luck would have it, they picked my favorite beach cabana, La Herrudura. It is always fun to meet the people who so kindly tolerate my writing and rants. 🙂 Have a great rest of your trip Catherine and Scott!


I will leave you all with a rainbow I saw from my deck this week. I don’t often see rainbows in the sky here, so it is a pleasant enjoyment when I do.

Hoping all your wishes come true.