Friday, Jun 23, 2017

Relaxing Week

Hey everyone. Hope things are well in your world. I’ve had another interesting and relaxing week experiencing all things Ecuador!

There is a lodge at the top of the mountainside near our home that we went to visit. It is called Samai Lodge. It actually sits in a rainforest, surrounded by heavy vegetation, birds, monkeys and other wildlife, while still having a fantastic view of the coast and Pacific Ocean. Across the world, there are less than a handful of places where these two environments can be experienced simultaneously, and Ecuador is one of them.

Another Sunset

It has been a cloudy and wet week here on the coast, but nevertheless, the sun broke out and provided a fantastic sunset for us to enjoy.

Samai Lodge

Samai Lodge is a collection of quaint bungalows along a path through the jungle. The “Lodge” is  an open air reception area that looks south toward Montanita. It is an inviting space with couches and chairs to relax. If you want a massage, then tranquil massage rooms, open to the jungle, are just down the hallway.

Next to the reception area is a restaurant with its own lounge area too. The food at Samai is fantastic! Fresh fruit, eggs, and homemade breads for breakfast. A late lunch includes delicious homemade soups with the entree of the day. In the evening a glass of wine, maybe with a personal pizza for a snack is always available.

Healing Ceremony

So why did we decide to go to Samai? The owners, Tania and Ed, are shamans, trained by a very old shaman from the Amazon jungle. I heard good things about these two people and wanted to experience an ancient healing ceremony they provide. It was an inner journey of introspection and self-reflection that I found engaging and enlightening.

I’m still processing it and the understandings I discovered about myself. Ultimately I just want to live a life in Ecuador filled with compassion, purpose, and love. I knew that before the ceremony, and in some new way I understood it more deeply afterwards.