Wednesday, Dec 21, 2016

This morning was my last run day in Cuenca before Christmas. Merry Christmas to me! 😉 We are all headed to the coast tomorrow and will spend our time there through the holidays. Sun and surf here I come!

Heidi had her shoulder and hip worked on today. Hopefully that will keep her moving without some pain she has been experiencing lately. Maybe the hot weather on the coast will melt all the aches and pains out of her.

Chase and I did a few errands. We left the house without a jacket and although it clouded up and threatened to rain, it never did. The temperature dropped however so we had to stop and get a hot Irish coffee to warm up. 😉

We made another batch of Christmas cookies. I made the dough this time. I’m not sure it is as good as what Heidi made, but it worked. Heidi and Chase took the cookie decorating to a whole new level. I hope our landlord and her family appreciate it.

more cookies

More Christmas Cookies

I’m not sure what the internet situation is going to be where we are staying on the coast. I know they have it but I don’t know how good it will be. Hopefully I will be able to keep up my daily posts.

Need to pack and get ready. more cookies