Tuesday, Dec 20, 2016

My phone is fixed!…at least I think so. The piece that I needed to fix it with is very fragile. When I gave it to Mateo at Smart Repair he showed me that the tip of one end of the component part was broken off. Uuugh! I had it in my jacket pocket and it must have gotten bumped up against on the bus ride here.

I was cussing myself pretty good as I left my phone and the part with Mateo. I was careless. Really the lesson learned is that extreme care is needed around “things” that cannot be purchased here. It is a big deal if they break.

I am grateful my phone port works, which means my charger works and I can directly transfer pictures to my computer again. I am curious what may not end up working, but so far so good. It reminds me of when a mechanic takes apart an engine, puts it back together, and has nuts and bolts left over. 😮

We met Scott and Colleen for lunch in El Centro. Today we ate at Pacifico Lounge Grill & Coffee. It is a nice looking bar/restaurant on Presidente Borrero 5-64 y Juan Jaramillo. I understand it has only been open a short time.

They have great presentation on their food and drink. When you arrive a complimentary plate of crouton-like bread bites and garlic sauce is brought to the table to enjoy while you order. I ordered the crispy chicken almuerzo and it was really delicious. It was a fun lunch with Scott and Colleen in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Chase and Easton rode the #17 bus home from El Centro, while Heidi and I went our own way to run errands. When we take the 17 coming home we get off about two blocks from our house. When we take it going into El Centro we pick it up almost in front of our house. Our question has been, where does it go between the 2 blocks where we usually get off, and the stop we usually get on? Today Chase and Easton found out.

Evidently after the point we normally get off, the bus continues far down to the end of Loja, basically into the hills of the mountains at the end of the road. This is the end of the line for the route. It is also where the driver of the bus takes his nap.

Chase and Easton got off this bus and waited for the 17 coming back into town. It did drive by the bus stop in front of our house and that is where the boys got off the bus. In total it added an additional 30 minutes to the bus ride to be dropped off in front of our house vs getting off 2 blocks away. Now we know. Thanks boys!

Heidi and I walked to Supermaxi later in the day to find some things we want to bring to the coast to help with our Christmas dinner plans. One item was cranberry sauce and the other was pastry dough. Today we scored on both items! It feels like winning the lottery when you find what you are looking for here.

Laundry day on the Tomebamba

Laundry day on the Tomebamba

I meant to post this pic the other day. As we made our way into El Centro, the Tomebamba river was flowing, and these people had a major laundry day going on along its banks. It was a colorful experience.