Monday, Dec 12, 2016

I went into El Centro to pay our medical insurance at the bank. Today is the first time I got it exactly right. Usually I have done something incorrect or left something off the deposit slip that the teller has to fix for me. Three times is a charm I guess. 🙂

Across from Banco de Guayaquil on Mariscal Sucre is a restaurant (I don’t remember the name) that we had an almuerzo at. The man who flagged us in to the restaurant spoke some English and was very friendly. The place itself was nondescript, but the food was pretty good. I especially liked the vegetable soup. Sometimes the soup starts to taste all the same around here, so when it has a unique flavor I notice.

After lunch we went to the Mercado on 10 de Agosto. Kelly wanted a pair of shoes so Heidi went in with her. As I waited outside, across from the Mercado, I just watched the people.

People at the Mercado

People at the Mercado

Kelly found the shoes she was looking for, so when she and Heidi came out of the shop, we all walked across the street into the Mercado. Chase took Kelly down the meat aisle to show her how it is done in Ecuador. It definitely looks like a butcher shop. Slabs of this and that hanging from the ceiling, piles of what and not stacked in pans on the counters, and of course the smell…pungent and strong. Authentic Ecuador meat market.

We didn’t even buy any meat today. Heidi seemed a bit miffed that we walked down that long isle of hanging flesh, and Chase and I had no intentions of getting any meat. The tour was all for Kelly.

mercado baby

Look what we found between the tomatoes and onions

The fruit and vegetable area was a lot better. Plenty of bright colors and much more pleasant smells. And today, we passed a baby in a fruit box. When we passed by, the baby was crying so Heidi stopped and tried to cheer her up. It seemed to work. I know Heidi was tapping into her “inner grandma”. 🙂

mercado baby

Baby in a fruit box

It was a gorgeous sunny day when we left the house. As we rode the bus home I could see water droplets begin to accumulate on the windows. Luckily we made it home and we were inside before it began to pour. Gotta love Cuenca.