Wednesday, Sep 21, 2016

I completed a life coaching session today for my first client I received via the internet. I’m pretty excited! The session must have went well because he scheduled four more with me in the coming weeks. I love the clarity I see men find through the life coaching process. Space is created where opportunity and possibilities are discovered to meet challenges and get results.

When I coach, I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing. It’s a great place to be. You can find me on the web at Empowered Men Coaching.

And it’s even better that I can do this from Ecuador. For the many downsides of technology…too much stimuli, expectations of continuous availability to others, and increasing pseudo-personal interactions, I’m happy I can connect with people in a meaningful way anywhere in the world. For all the craziness and uncertainties in the world, it is also a great time to be alive.

There is a two bedroom apartment a half floor down and to the east of us in this house. It is finally rented and people live in it now. I haven’t met who lives there yet. One guy was carrying furniture into the apartment but I’m not sure he is one of the people living there. I do suspect they are Ecuadorian and therefore may not speak English.

This might be a good opportunity to learn Spanish with native speakers if we can become friends with them. I would like to go knock on their door and say “hola”, but after that…all bets are off. How fast will they speak; what I will be able to understand; and what I will be able to say back? But hey, no risk no reward, right? Hmmm, maybe I need some life coaching on this. 😉

Our house seems to have a lot of mosquitoes in it. I don’t understand it, because it is freakin’ cold in here. How do they even survive? Still, all of us will often wake up with mosquito bites. I really don’t see them, but sometimes at night while I’m sleeping I hear that buzzing sound in my ear that they make. I start flailing my hand about to push them away from me and over to Heidi…just kidding.

Chase, who has come from Mosquitanya, I mean Guayana, has no tolerance of these creatures. He bought an electric zap racket a couple of days ago specifically to hunt them down. Every once in a while I hear the electric sound of mosquitoes being fried to death coming from his bedroom and other parts of the house. It’s nice to live with a hunter. 😉

I saw this man from my window walking several dogs. I’m not sure how he does it if and when street dogs decided to get aggressive, but maybe the numbers of dogs he has keeps them at bay. At any rate, I was impressed with his resolve.

Dog walking

Dog Walker