Thursday, Sep 22, 2016

Ok, I have a confession. I didn’t even get dressed or showered today. I think I brushed my teeth.

My morning started at 7 am in front of my computer. The first thing I tackle in the morning, after getting coffee, is my Spanish lesson. Then I move to my stock account and mess with it, setting up trades or doing some research. After that I write my Ecuador blog update, unless I already did it before I went to bed the night before.

When I finish these things, I read online and/or write for my coaching blog for a little while. Usually around noon I want to get outside and go do something. Well, I invested myself in my writing project today and I didn’t finish it until 8 pm . The clock says I have been at my desk for 13 hours. I even ate breakfast and lunch sitting here.

racial justice take a knee

I am taking a knee

I invested my day in bringing awareness to racial justice issues in America. If you didn’t see my article you can read it here. Heidi was nice enough to do some of her artistic modifications on a photo I used in my article. I’m not sure where the original came from.

I  have spent my day well. Living here in Ecuador, I am not bombarded with many of the distractions I had at home in the States. Because of that, I’m allowed to tap into some inner areas of exploration.

I’m enjoying this journey.