Sunday, Aug 14, 2016

The day has been very relaxed. I have spent most of the day on the computer teaching myself some new info on gold mining stocks. I really enjoy the luxury of having time to spend as I choose. And I mean it when I say it is a luxury for me. I would trade any luxury material possession in order to have the time to do what I want each day. I feel very free.

20160814_155345-1Heidi and I did get out in the sunshine and walk this afternoon looking for a place to eat lunch. We tried a new place for us, El Fogon de Nico. We have walked by it on the west side of Las Americas before and it looked interesting. There are two store fronts next to each other. One is a sit down, linen tabled clothed restaurant, and the other is an open air covered dining area on the corner. It is also where all the meat is cooked.

Heidi and I sat at a table in the open air location across from where the meats were being cooked over an open flame. The chicken, pork, ribs, and beef simmered and sizzled sending awesome smells our way while we waited for our food. Heidi ordered the ribs, I ordered the chicken and we shared our plates when they arrived.El Fogon De Nico

The meat was incredibly juicy and flavorful. The ribs came with a delicious sweet and spicy sauce that just made it all that much better. Our platters came with rice, beans, salad, and plantains as well. It was more food than we could possibly eat. The rib platter was $6 and the chicken $4.75 and this lunch was ordered off the menu and wasn’t an almuerzo, so incredible value for what you got too.

When we finished we walked a bit further to pick up a few groceries. We went into Corral and I’m not sure we have been there on a Sunday, but it was packed. I haven’t seen so many people in this store before. We walked home with our plastic sacks filled with a few groceries in hand, and the 24 pack of toilet paper tucked under my arm. It still feels strange for me to walk carrying groceries.

I equate it with lacking resources, like not being able to afford a car. Maybe even a certain level of homelessness. It’s a bizarre thought but somewhere along the way in my life I developed that judgement. It’s bullshit of course but I never noticed I had it until I was the one walking along a busy street carrying groceries. It amazes me the stuff I find in my head.