Monday, Dec 5, 2016

Chase and I went running first thing this morning. Easton is still traveling around Ecuador with his friend Paul, so he is getting out of it. I wish I was traveling! I’m trying to like my run days but they are a miserable experience. When I ran in Henry’s group on the coast I didn’t like it either but I don’t remember it being this hard for me. Today I am giving our landlord three months advanced notice of our move back to the coast. If nothing else as I am gasping for air my resolve to leave Cuenca is strengthened.

The thought of having to pack our things and move somewhere else has really hindered my motion to leave here. We have more than our 9 suitcases now, which is still a lot but is manageable for a single pickup truck. Now we own a very large kitchen island table as well as a queen size bed. A small desk and a couple wooden stools too have been acquired as well. You can throw in several plastic totes filled with kitchen items for good measure.

Heidi reminds me that this is ALL she has since leaving a 2500 square foot home filled to the brim. I guess I am supposed to be understanding, and I try to be. Something happened to me when we got rid of everything coming to Ecuador. The feeling of freedom and lightness was incredible. Nothing to weigh me down and the freedom to go anywhere I wanted on a whim. This is a high I recommend everyone trying.

Anyway, in the scheme of things these items are no big deal. If we can’t transport them, or if they won’t fit into the next place we land we can sell them. In the mean time they make Heidi happy. Happy Wife=Happy Life, right? 😉

When Chase came back from his visit to the States he brought a replacement screen for my laptop. I went to the computer store with my laptop to have it replaced but the technician doesn’t work today. I have to come back tomorrow. Manana. A lot of things in Ecuador happen on this day. 😉

Heidi is on the search for some Christmas cookie cutters. We went into Coral (Ecuadorian Target) but they didn’t have any. Chase had checked Super Stock the day before and they didn’t have any either. We went to Supermaxi and they didn’t have any Christmas ones per se, but they did have a package with a heart, a star, and a circle. That is the best we are going to do I think, so Heidi bought them. I figure put enough red and green frosting and sprinkles on something and it becomes, by default, a Christmas cookie.

cookie cutters

Christmas Cookies…coming soon

Speaking of Christmas, if it wasn’t for what I see on Facebook I wouldn’t even know Christmas is happening. It does feel great to not be constantly bombarded with Christmas advertisements, and not have to go into stores and shop for “things”. Stores here do have some Christmas decorations up, and they are promoting “things” for Christmas but it is so much more subdued than in the States.

I am looking forward to our time on the coast over Christmas. We will be with friends, enjoying the beach, eating good food, and enjoying great company. Until then I get to enjoy good food and great friends here. I’m blessed.