Friday, Apr 1, 2016

Another hot day in paradise. I went for a long walk along the beach in the afternoon. I was the only one out there along that stretch, didn’t even see a motorcycle drive by like I usually do. For that hour and a half it was my own private piece of Ecuadorian beachfront real estate. I am amazed more people aren’t enjoying it.

I want to take pictures but therein lies the problem. I don’t want to be a target for a theft. Maybe when all of us go out there I can shoot some pics. There are areas on the beach where a lot of drift wood settles. I found myself a new walking stick…straight, light-weight, and with a short, pointed branch end on the top that can hold a shell when I find one. I like it! 20160402_091846

I’m glad I’m getting out on the beach more. It really is therapeutic for my soul. The beach is bordered by cliffs of the hillside that have heavy vegetation lining the top of the hill, but exposed sand and small rock from the top ledge down to the beach.

Because of the wind erosion, there is a constant sound of falling sand and rock that tumbles down to the ground. It sounds similar to those Rainsticks made of cactus branch that when turned, all the needles inside fall to the bottom of the stick making the sound of rain. That is what I hear on one side of me, on the other I hear the roll and roar of the waves coming into shore. In the middle I hear the sound of the ocean breeze blowing by my ears. It is quite the symphony! 20160402_092019-1

20160402_091926It’s been an easy day.