Saturday, Apr 2, 2016

The morning was going pretty smoothly…slept in late, enjoyed a cup of coffee when I woke up, and Heidi made us her Breakfast Yogurt. It’s the bomb…homemade yogurt, fresh pineapple, bananas, juicy raisins, kiwi, dragon fruit, a scoop of protein powder, some rolled oats, a drizzle of fresh local honey, and a few chocolate chips.

It is super humid today and there isn’t a breeze. We have our AC on and are chillin out inside the condo. At about 1230 pm the electricity went off. The construction is still happening in our building and I guess they needed to cut the power. We waited and hoped it would be quick.

As the temperature started to rise inside, I went onto the deck thinking it had to be cooler. Wrong. It was like walking into a sauna. At least inside we didn’t have the humidity as bad. After waiting for an hour for the power to return, and with the rising temperature in the condo, we decided to head out to H Bar and get an iced coffee.

H Bar doesn’t have AC but they have fans and power to run them. Our iced coffee’s were like heaven! It wasn’t too long after we were there that Don and Donna came in to have lunch. We ordered some wings and munched on them while we visited.

After hanging out at Henry’s we were all super hot so we decided to go swimming in the pool over at Dos. I can’t believe what a difference that made! Usually the pool water feels very warm but today it felt cool, which just tells me how hot it was. Someone told me the temperature got over 100 degrees…and we were close to 100% humidity.

There was some ice cold beer in the fridge by the pool that I left there from another get together we had. So in the midst of the heat, I floated in the cool pool and drank a cold beer, all the while watching the ocean. It’s really not so bad here, just need to learn to navigate the conditions. 🙂

After swimming, Heidi and Donna made a pumpkin pie from the pumpkins picked at Don and Donna’s farm. While they did that, Don and I went to the Chinese restaurant to order take out. It is very interesting to be an English speaking person in a Chinese restaurant in Ecuador placing an order in Spanish to a Chinese person. I’m just thankful we can get Chinese take out here!

When you walk around town at night it is important to be aware of where the overhead wires are. As Don and I walked from the restaurant we saw hundreds of birds roosting on them. It could get “dangerous” walking under them if you know what I mean.

After the pie was made and before we ate, we enjoyed wine on the balcony overlooking the Pacific. It had rained a little earlier and cooled things down nicely. There was a cool breeze blowing now.

John and Darlene came over to join us for dinner. They are building a beautiful home on the beach in Puerto Cayo, which is about a two hour drive from here. Tomorrow we will help them move some items there and get to see their new home!

Dinner was great. The fresh pumpkin pie was even better! Darlene brought vanilla ice cream, that melted at just the right rate on the warm pie. We had a fun conversation during dinner, and it was a really nice way to end the day.