Sunday, Apr 3, 2016

We are helping our friends John and Darlene move a few things from Bahia to their new home in Puerto Cayo. It is a two hour drive to get there so we all get to see some of the interesting countryside along the way. I’m going to apologize in advance…I forgot to take pictures!

I rode with John and Darlene while Heidi and Easton rode with Don and Donna. I enjoy the way John drives…kinda like me! He is quick on the road, passes cars with ease, and really has a handle on how to deal with Ecuadorian driving rules…there are none! What I am most impressed with is that John is probably 20 years older than me and nothing slows this guy down. Watching him climb in and load boxes into the back of his truck, then jump out is inspiring.

Darlene has to be one of the nicest women I have met. She is warm and friendly, and genuinely seems interested in what you are saying. She also saw me working out with Henry’s boot camp group and calls me the Bionic Man. How can you not love this woman?! 🙂

Puerto Cayo is an absolute beautiful area. The ocean is turquoise blue, the beach sand is white, and the homes along the beach are a wonder in themselves. We thought about settling here, but it is significantly limited by close access to supplies and resources. It is at least a 30 min drive to the nearest grocery store.

Living in Puerto Cayo means having a car because it would be very difficult to function without one. Right now, I don’t think it’s the place for us, but I haven’t seen many places more beautiful along the ocean than here. John and Darlene definitely have a slice of paradise!

Before heading back to Bahia, we had lunch along the beach in central Puerto Cayo. Being Sunday afternoon it was busy! I think that people in the very small fishing villages on either side of Puerto Cayo come here to enjoy its great beach.

Heidi and I had a traditional fish soup which was absolutely fantastic. Easton had shrimp ceviche, but he hasn’t had it with the langostino before. 2016-04-04 12.30.57 In fact he hasn’t ever seen a langostino. It’s like a shrimp on steroids. 2016-04-04 12.31.48 After he got over it staring at him, it did pass his taste test!

It’s been a very busy weekend for us, and just saying that cracks me up because most of the “busy” is enjoying conversation, food, and wine with really great people. This is the kind of busy I don’t mind at all.