Monday, Apr 4, 2016

I can’t believe it’s Monday already. The weekend flew by and for that matter the weeks are flying by too! We are approaching 3 months living here in Ecuador…and it doesn’t feel that long to me at all. I will have to check in with Heidi and ask what she feels. 😉

Last week was really hot! Working out has been brutal. I swear I’m going backwards in my stamina and strength, at least that is how I feel out there. I have to admit though, when I am done I am always glad I did it.

Keeper, our dog, has been sick the last couple of days. We started her on some antibiotics today so hopefully she will be her old self soon. Tick Fever is a big deal here and can kill a dog if not treated. We always check Keeper for ticks and haven’t ever found any, but who knows if she got bit and the tick fell off.

Everyone is doing well and not really much to say today. Have a great day everyone!