Friday, May 12, 2017

Back in Ecuador

When I returned from Peru, Mark and Jenea came back with me for a visit to Ecuador. Heidi, Chase, and I were able to  give them the “grand” tour of this small slice of paradise on the pacific. Since they were here mid-week (of last week) things were in a quiet cycle of a normally loud Montanita. Lunch on the beach in Olon was its usual sedate and beautiful self, while the beach  in Ayampe didn’t disappoint giving us that Castaway feel.

Chillin’ in Montanita

Lunch Is Always Better On The Beach

Good Times Along The Pacific

Mark and Jenea headed back to the states last Friday, but before they left we were able to take them to Benitos for the best desserts on the Spondylus highway!  It was great having them visit us!

Dessert Makes Friendship Sweeter

Sunset Before New Horizons

Last Friday night Heidi, Chase and I took our last beach walk together. Chase and Heidi headed to the States the following day, and for Chase it begins a new cycle.

cycle of beach life

Beach Life Is Definitely Nice

Chase is on his way to South Korea on the 19th. He will teach English to elementary and middle school kids for the near term future. All of us are hoping that the freeze will be lifted, and the hiring cycle begins at US Aid so Chase can start his job there. Fingers still crossed…and getting cramps!

I’ve had great adventures with my son Chase since he stopped in to visit us last August. He has been a source of encouragement and inspiration for me to keep studying my Spanish and do our morning runs and workouts, whether in the mountains or on the beach! I have great memories and they help keep me motivated to push ahead.

family experience cycle

Me and Chase at the Beach in Ayampe

Comforts of Home

Heidi is meeting up with her family for a well deserved visit. She is so looking forward to understanding the language again! Her only fear is that she might enjoy the creature comforts of the States so much she won’t come back. Today she and her two sisters had their toes done.

Heidi and Her Sisters Getting Toes Painted

I’m not too worried, she will soon realize the tranquilo that she left behind…won’t she? 😮

Bachelor Party…or something

So I have been bachin’ it this week. Pretty routine stuff…eating, exercising, coaching, writing, beach walks, netflix. I have had a lot of quiet moments where I can reflect on how special my life is. Have you ever done that? Just stop and be present with the quiet you are in, look around where you are, think about all your relationships, experiences, and memories and feel that chill go through your body about how lucky you are? Moments like that have happened a lot to me this week. I think it’s cool.

In case you think my life is all rosy, it’s not. I still blow problems out of proportion, get stuck in fear of an unknown future, and focus on what’s missing instead of what I do have. I think it comes from attachment and fear. Attachment to my own ideas of how life should be, and fear of change when it finally gets close to what I think it should look like.

The insanity in this behavior is that it completely fucks up my enjoyment of what I worked to create. It’s these quiet times however that help me to reset, re-balance, and regain clarity of the present moment and appreciate it. The color, beauty, bounty, and thrill of life fills me, energizing me to head toward the next thing I want to create.

Life is just a series of cycles, and how I view any cycle can trap me or free me. It’s always my choice.

Cycles Look Different

One of my friends sent me a picture of “my” old work station. Still looks pretty much the same. I was there for almost 20 years.

work is a cycle

My Old Work Station

This is currently my “new” work station. What do you think?

wherever your office its a cycle

A  Different View

Both stations are just a cycle, and in each one you can be trapped or free. It is always about perspective and choice.

I do want to give a shout out to all my friends and former colleagues at Dixie Regional Medical Center. I miss the great people I was fortunate enough to get to work with for so many years. I appreciate the contacts and friendships that still remain. Here are two of those people.

Megan and Robert

Ecuador Entertainment

I have a couple fun videos of my Ecuador experiences this week. The first was on my bus ride from Montanita to Olon. It is common for locals to hop on a bus and sell things, or do some kind of talent, to earn money before the next stop. This guy was one of the better “bus entertainers” I’ve seen. The second vid is of the band that played at the Road House in Olon Wednesday night. I think they are very good, and it was perfect music to enjoy a balmy South American night.