Thursday, Aug 4, 2016

I went to ETAPA today to cancel my internet with them, since I now have PuntoNet fiber optic. I asked Pam if she could meet me there since she speaks Spanish in case I needed help. We all decided to meet for lunch first then tackle ETAPA.

Pam and Eddy showed Heidi and I a new place to eat off Remigio Crespo. This street is loaded with places to eat. I don’t even remember the name of it, but it was a decent lunch. What was nice is that it had a green salad with the almuerzo it offered, which is rare. Lunches here are heavy on rice and beans and usually lack green leafy vegetables.

After lunch we decided to walk to ETAPA from where we ate. Along the way we saw about 7 or 8 dogs…which I think can be considered a pack…all snoozing in the circle of the round-a-bout. These are street dogs and although I often see a couple of street dogs walking around together, I haven’t seen this many in one spot since I’ve been here. They seemed harmless enough, but it is a sad situation to see nonetheless.20160804_141349

On the way home we stopped in a grocery store looking for green jalapeno peppers. We found them once and haven’t seen them again. There are red aji peppers everywhere here, but jalapenos seem hard to find. Heidi uses them to make her cheese and jalapeno bread. We asked the store clerk and he said they get them in on Saturdays, so maybe we will get lucky then.

Nothing of much significance to speak on today. It was enjoyable and pretty laid back.