Wednesday, Aug 3, 2016

It’s been a couple of days since I was at Punto Net to order a second router installed at my place. I hadn’t received a phone call to schedule the install as I was told would happen, so this morning Heidi and I walked over to the office to see what was going on.

In the Punto Net office on Remigio Crespo there is a very nice woman at the reception desk. Her name is Fabiola and she speaks English. When I was there on Monday she did all the translation for me with the service rep. Today she was able to help me again and found out what the status was with my install.

We found out that the installers were coming between 2 and 3 pm today. I’m really glad I went to the office and asked, because although I was told I would get a phone call to schedule the appointment, it never happened. This actually occurs a lot here from my experience. Obviously appointments get missed when service people show up and no one is home, because there was no advanced notice given.

Fortunately, we found out and we made sure we were home. Shortly after 3 pm, two guys showed up and I told them where I wanted the router installed. It took them about a half hour to run the cable through the attic and secure it around the living room ceiling down to my desk. When they were finished I checked the signal in every room of our house and it was great! I am so excited and very encouraged that I might have fast, reliable internet service.Hallelujah

Change of thought. Remember when I ordered propane and suddenly the girl I was talking to couldn’t understand me? I had to hang up, type out what I wanted to say in Spanish, then call her back? I couldn’t understand why after calling twice before it was now difficult. Well, I solved the mystery. I have two different phone numbers in my contacts under Gas.

The number I had called twice previously without any issue was the contact my current landlord gave me. The contact I called on the third time was the number I got from our realtor at the place we lived in before. So, two different companies!

At the time I had myself worked up over that whole encounter, and I had to dig deep to settle down, and then call back again. I never even considered I was calling a different business. I didn’t realize I had entered two different numbers into my phone.

So I guess the lesson for me is this: Sometimes things may not make sense, and in Ecuador I have run into this thought or feeling a lot. What may be true however is I may be unaware, not know, or have forgotten a piece of information that would have it make sense.

When I think of a situation like this in those terms, it gives me space and permission to not feel I have to bend the outcome to my will in that moment. Making things bend usually causes something to snap, which is usually something in me. It doesn’t feel good so why go there?

Living in Ecuador has provided, and continues to provide, so many opportunities for me to work on myself. Just like any exercise or new learning, the right mindset is critical to achieve results and success. Part of that right mindset for me is to not fight so hard against things that don’t happen in a way I think they should.

By observing what is happening and being curious about it instead of judging it, I can create space to find new possibilities in the midst of any situation; possibilities that I couldn’t see before. When this is happening, I know I am on a generative path of growth to become the best possible me, and that is very satisfying.