Thursday, Mar 24, 2016

I bought some fresh lobster this morning. The guy I bought them from was supposed to have gotten me some on Tuesday. I don’t know what happened but he never showed up.

He came by unexpectedly today and I ended up buying them. I paid $30 for 6 pounds. I don’t think that was a killer deal, but as I’m struggling to communicate with him in Spanish I become focused on the communication itself and not what I’m actually doing…like how much I am paying for what I am getting. It’s weird.

Also, I forgot we were meeting friends for a pizza bake tonight. Live lobsters don’t keep, so I ended cooking them up today to use in something we can make tomorrow.

Because of my lobster purchase and then getting our homemade pizza crusts ready (plus toppings prepared), we spent most of today cooking or getting ready to cook something. Who would have thought. Look at us go…and not a Costco item in site!

We met up with everyone and we all made pizzas together. Then we cooked them up, and shared them. There were so many pizzas…gluten free, veggie, BBQ chicken and pineapple, ham and pepperoni, and then a myriad of variations on all of those. We had pizza coming out our ears. It was another good time on an ocean breezy Ecuadorian night!


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