Monday, Jan 18, 2016

I really enjoyed this morning. The breeze was so pleasant on the balcony. It was fun watching the waves and tide come rolling in. The town is quiet from my balcony this morning. I can see a worker cleaning up trash at the park. One of the 3 wheeled bicycle cabs (called a Tricicle…Tree-see-clay)  coming down the street is loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables to sell to people along the way. I wonder if his produce is cheaper than at the market? I’m enjoying my time observing right now too much for me to yell over my railing and get his attention. Next time though.

Another tricicle is coming down the road looking for a fare. The sputter and screeching whine of a motorcycle breaks the quiet as it passes by with a dad, mom, and two kids dressed in their school uniforms headed to their school. Yes that is correct…four people on one rather small motorcycle. I am becoming quite fond of this sleepy little town really.

 Skate park in Bahia

Skate park in Bahia

We had our first Spanish lesson from Tjaard and Gabriella. I thought it went great! We learned the alphabet, some basic rules of pronunciation and accentuation, and some vocabulary and common phrases. It is going to be a bit strange at first but before you know it I’m sure we will be speaking Espanol!

We met with an ex-pat couple for coffee today, Dave and Miriam. Super nice and very informative. They have lived in Ecuador for 5 years and about 4 yrs here in Bahia (pronounced Ba-Eee-a). They were very generous with their time and sharing their knowledge with us about the area. We are going to go to Canoa with them tomorrow.

After coffee we stopped into another market, called Tia. We are starting to get the hang of things. We know to put our backpacks into the security locker before proceeding through the turn style into the main grocery area, then grab a cart, and make our way around. Heidi is looking for ice trays. The large supermarket at the shopping center didn’t carry them any longer, but we hit pay dirt and found some at Tia. They are molded for small ice cubes, but hey, most everything is done on a smaller scale here in Ecuador. Just happy to have them.

I am enjoying walking where ever we go in town. It isn’t that big of an area, but large enough that after carrying our grocery bags I feel like I did do some exercise by the time we reach our condo. Our dog Keeper is always waiting at the door for us as we come in. This is new. At home in the states, she would look over the top stair landing and decide whether or not she wanted to come down to say hi to us. Maybe she is picking up some of this warm Latin vibe.

The sunsets we get to see from our balcony are almost beyond words. The size of the sun, the deep orange and red color, the clouds and ocean it reflects off, create truly spectacular visual images. It’s basically an orgasm for my eye balls. Attempts at photographing it do not capture its intensity.

Blaze Above Bahia

Blaze Upon Bahia

Our internet seems to be working more consistently. I’m not sure anything has been fixed yet, but Easton disconnected the splitter that shared the modem line with the land line and plugged the cable directly into the modem for internet. It still stops working but when it is working it works for longer periods of time. Fingers crossed its fixed.