Sunday, Jan 17, 2016

We turned our TV on for the first time this morning. Easton and I watched an hour of Nickelodeon kid shows in Spanish. I think as we are learning the language this may be a good way to hear the language and learn faster. It’s amazing how “hearing” a language needs to be learned…the cadence, the fade outs and drop offs of sound…as well as speaking it. Oh chico!

I have been reading two books this morning. I don’t remember the last time I had two books going simultaneously. I like the space I feel around me and the ability to choose those things that will feed and strengthen my best self, whether it’s my mind or my body. We had fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast…bananas, strawberries, black raspberries, papaya, mango, and kiwi. I’m really glad Heidi packed our bullet mixer to make smoothies!

Our internet continues to not work. Every so often it is on for a few minutes but for the most part still off line. I think we will walk the beach when the tide pulls out some more. I want to walk southwest around the distant point we can see from our balcony.

I noticed this morning that I was feeling a contentment just being able to drink my coffee, read, visit with my wife and son….and not having anything I need to do, or anywhere I need to be. Even on my days off while working and living in the states, I chose to put myself under a constant pressure of doing something, going somewhere. If I wasn’t in motion, then the voice in my head would berate and shame me for not doing more to be more. That my friends is an insanity of yours truly.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to be working on my internet business and developing my coaching practice, but I know I can’t because of the current internet situation. And somehow, being here, that is ok. It makes it ok for me to read, and journal, and watch kid cartoons in Spanish. I forgot how much I enjoy cartoons by the way.

What is not happening is being bombarded by advertisements to buy things I don’t want, or have stores to drive to and look and buy things I don’t need. In fact yesterday none of us spent any money. Everything we did…walking, exploring, sitting in conversation was all done without exchanging one coin, one bill, or one piece of plastic.  We made our meals and ate at home and I do not feel like I missed out on a solitary thing. My day was full and I was content. I like this feeling and I hope I can find my rhythm in this new South American vibe.

We went for a 2 hour round trip walk along the beach. By noon the tide had pulled out far enough that walking for several miles on the beach is possible. There are high sand cliffs on one side and the easy waves from a receding tide on the other. 20160122_104551 In between are wide stretches of firm wet sand exposing the smooth rocks, shells, and drift wood of the ocean floor. It is one of my favorite experiences…wet sand under my feet, a cool ocean breeze blowing over my skin, and a soft roar hitting my ears as rolling waves come in and go out along the shoreline. I feel very connected to life in this moment.