Saturday, Jan 16, 2016

We have an open day! Nothing planned or needed done. Don’t you love these kind of days? We woke up about 6:15 am, enjoyed coffee on the balcony, and made eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast. Muy Bueno!

The internet continues to not work. Well actually it seems today to be working for a few minutes then off line for several more minutes before coming on again. I am feeling very frustrated. I need to contact our rep handling our visa application, our broker regarding our account, our renter in the states, and our bank. There is nothing I can do to fix this and I have to wait. I’m not good at waiting!

I had a nice shower and am feeling a bit better. The important thing I need to remember is to stay present in the moment. I know we have all heard that…be present, live in the moment, no past and no future, only now. I agree with that and it is hard to do when anxiousness and stress creeps in. The reality is however, if I can’t do what I believe I “need” to do via the internet, the earth will still spin correctly on its axis, the sun will still rise and set, and my ability to enjoy my blessings remains in tact.

I am feeling sad though. Over the last eight months my investments have lost enough that I could have lived comfortably in Ecuador for 5 years (that’s not huge money, but more than I want to be without). When I think in those terms I start to panic that I will be broke before I get my bearings and get a stream of income going again. The truth is, in the very worst case scenario, we leave Ecuador and I get a job as a pharmacist again. What’s the disaster in that?

Now this brings me back to living in the moment. Right now we are clothed, sheltered, and fed….very well too, I might add. I am listening to my son’s island music and he is singing along to it enjoying his day. My wife is on the balcony enjoying the pleasant ocean breeze while messaging her family in the states. It is a beautiful day and it deserves to be enjoyed. More specifically, I deserve to enjoy it.

We have worked hard to get here to this moment. And I am choosing not to miss it.

We went exploring on the beach today. The tide was out and we walked from the spot in front of our building all the way around the point where the Chone Rio flows into the Pacific.IMG-20160128-WA0005 20160116_130824 We followed the beach up the river until we hit the middle of town. After that we walked the little streets of Bahia and saw several small restaurants, farmacias, and the locals sitting in front of their homes enjoying the day.

The internet has been on and off all evening. I have created a long post for FB six times. I end up losing it as the internet gets disconnected. Although FB is a great way to share with family and friends, the negative energy I create for myself when technology is not working correctly may not be worth it for me. The stress I experience doing this cannot be good!