Monday, Feb 8, 2016

It is a great morning…misty rain in a fog-like cloud hangs over us. It’s still warm but the breeze feels cool on the skin. I love it like this. Easton and I had boot camp this morning and we were back on the beach working out.

This time however we did not get wet by being rolled in the tide pools or by doing push ups in the surf. We were wet from the rain…and I liked it. There is something invigorating about being rained on, and it kept things cooler while we exercised…which was horrible but I’ll spare you the details of what my 53-year-old body had to say.

Carnaval is going on through tomorrow. I can hear people gathering at the park now through my opened balcony door…laughter, load music, and a general sense of fun is in the air. It’s been raining off and on all day, and at times with heavy tropical intensity. Right now it looks like it might be clearing up, which I’m sure will make all the Carnaval party goers very happy!

The three of us went to Spanish class today and learned the -ar verbs and their conjugation. It’s a slow process and there is a lot to learn. I think it’s important we give ourselves permission to take whatever time it’s going to take to learn it, otherwise it can get overwhelming.

We are going to take Keeper to the vet, hopefully tomorrow, when the vet comes here from Portoviejo. She had a weird red sore on her leg that we put antibiotic ointment on and after a week or so, the skin looks dark and strange. Today, I found the same kind of red sore on her neck. Not sure what’s going on with her but we need to get it checked out.

It is pouring rain right now and all the people who had gathered in the park are gone. I feel bad for the vendors selling street food all grilled and ready to go, the men carrying long poles loaded with cardboard tubes wrapped with big, fluffy, wads of pink cotton candy, and the drivers of the multicolored train with crazy faces on each car all lit up to drive people around the park and through the town.

Buenas Noches.