Tuesday, Sep 13, 2016

I find the last two mornings very cold inside my house. This place is all brick, both the exterior and interior walls, and it holds the cold inside. When I go outside in the sun, the temperature is pleasant. I’m not sure how you can figure out if a house or apartment is going to hold cold or heat before you move into it, but I wish I would have been able to do this. It sets me off in the wrong emotional direction when I can’t get warm inside my own house.

I went to several pharmacies today in the search for triamcinolone steroid cream for a skin rash.I have looked for this cream at other pharmacies here before with no luck. I’ve decided Ecuador doesn’t carry this drug. There are a couple of different steroid creams, mostly in combination with an antibiotic, carried here, but not triamcinolone. This is a reality of living in a different country, some things are just not available. Period.

While I  was in El Centro I bought some freshly ground coffee from El Cafe Lojano, $3.90 a pound, which is a good deal here, and is great tasting coffee as well. It is at Mariscal Sucre 10-20, just west of the Cathedral at Parque Calderon.

Does anyone know where fresh jalapeno peppers can be found in Cuenca? We found them only once and have never seen them again. We ate at Fabiano’s for dinner and ordered a Jalapeno Chicken pizza. The jalapenos looked fresh on the pizza, and I forgot to ask them where they were getting them before we left. Dang.

Nothing else much to share today. Have a great week.