Friday, Sep 14, 2018

Comfortable Feelings

My trip in the States continues. I am really enjoying time with my family and friends. Within 10 minutes of getting together, it feels like there hasn’t been any time spent apart. After almost 3 years since I last saw anyone, a very comfortable feeling quickly returns between us. I have been asked by many people if being back makes me want to return to the States. I can honestly say the allure of all the things available here doesn’t make me want to come back.

And Too Much

Since I have been here I’ve been in many department stores, big box stores, and shopping plazas. I need some clothes so I’ve been out looking. I bought what I needed, and even what I “needed” leaves me questioning if that is true. It is nice being able to find what I want at the prices I want to pay. What isn’t nice for me is the feeling of overwhelm, and sense of overload, when I look at all the merchandise. So. Much. Stuff.

I have enjoyed the many restaurants I’ve eaten in. (People always seem to want to take me somewhere that I can get rice and beans. Go figure.) I’m back experiencing flavors and dishes I know and like. Again the choice selection is enormous. I like that I can design my meal to exactly what I want. The number of options can make it hard to decide what to get. The portions are generally too much, but easy enough to manage by eating half and bringing the rest home. The variety of food has been nice, I do admit.

Hard Habits

I have been driving here too. Being behind the wheel of a car again is fun. I like to drive. What I notice is the orderly way people drive in contrast to what they do in Ecuador. There are lanes and lines and people stay in them and don’t cross. The chaos and honking on the streets I experience in Ecuador isn’t happening here.

I am a fast driver. Historically when I am in a car I make a beeline to where I want to go. No meandering. No easy “Sunday drive” attitude. When I first got behind the wheel after returning here, I was conscious of being tranquilo. I waited for a car to pass me, that I judged was far away, before I pulled out onto the street.  I reminded myself that I am in no hurry to get anywhere.

What can I say. Some habits are just hard to change. By day three I was gunning out of parking lots onto the street. Racing in front of and past cars along the way. I could actually feel my heart rate increase as I jockeyed for my place on the road. It is apparent at my core I am not tranquilo. I suppose I just need more time in Ecuador to overcome this. 😉

Beauty and Sunshine

Zion National Park

I still have two weeks left in the States and many more people to see. Although I enjoy my life and routine in Ecuador, I’m happy I get to miss a lot of the gray, drizzly weather that is happening there now.

It has been blue skies and warm sunshine everywhere I have visited in the US since landing back here. Here is a pic of a place I often visited, only about 45 minutes from my old house, in the States. I came from a pretty incredible area before I moved to Ecuador.

Family, friends, and sunshine. What a great trip I am having!