Friday, Sep 16, 2016

It’s been a nice day. The four of us walked into El Centro and enjoyed an almuerzo. When we finished, Chase wanted to look for some shoes. We went into several stores and he could not find his size. He is a 10 1/2, and here that would be a 44. The largest shoe size we could find anywhere was a 42. He may have to have some he likes brought in from the states.

The people here are shorter, and smaller I guess in stature. People moving here who are tall, or who are large, have a hard time finding clothes that fit. This is another example of limited selection and availability in Ecuador. It’s important to come prepared with the clothes and shoes you will need. Another option is to have what you need made here.

Whether it is clothes or shoes it can be done, and I understand it is relatively inexpensive. My friend gave a seamstress material for a shirt he wanted made. She took apart a shirt he had, to use for the pattern, and made it for him for $10. A much better deal than buying retail here, even with the cost of the material figured in.

Have a great weekend!