Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016

Two things have been taking up my days lately. Stock research and developing my life coaching clientele. I used to do both of these things while I worked full time as a pharmacist before moving to Ecuador. I always felt rushed, stretched, and unable to enjoy these extracurricular activities when I was working each day as a pharmacist. Basically, I always felt a basal level of stress.

Now, not having a full time job where I have to be somewhere at a certain time for a certain number of hours doing pre-determined activities, my sense of ease and creativity has really opened up. There is so much to be said for freedom of time. The more I am experiencing it, the more precious it is becoming to me.

I have always had an entrepreneurial edge; always been looking for my financial freedom number. I also, in the past, liked things…houses, furniture, electronics, vacations. To afford my things I had to give up some of my freedom, and I thought it was worth it. Looking on it now, all those things I purchased were not worth one minute of my freedom. The vacations were more about experiencing new and different places with the people I love, so I would still chose to keep all of them.

So I find myself in Ecuador. I have freedom…for a certain amount of time. I still will need to kick my entrepreneurial self in gear to keep this gig going on indefinitely, but I can do that. I have time to build within areas of my passion, and my passion refuels me daily.

20160821_093704 (2)I have time to embrace life in the way I choose, and for me, this is the ultimate freedom. It is also the thing I am eternally grateful for. Especially today I really feel the blessing I am living in.