Saturday, Jan 23, 2016

I didn’t sleep very well last night. Heidi was awake a lot and when I woke up during the night I felt anxious. I had dreams that I was in places doing things that I didn’t come prepared for. I hate those dreams! I’m sure it’s reflecting some anxiety about finding a more permanent place to live and how much it is going to cost. I was really hoping to find something nice with an ocean view for around $500 a month. Seriously. There are places for $500 and less, but not along the ocean and not with the view I am looking for.

I have nothing against International Living (IL) magazine. Reading about cheap retirement destinations in great ocean beach locations is how my seed of doing this got planted probably 10 years ago. I think it’s important to be realistic though, and so far I haven’t seen deals on ocean front properties as described in some of the emails I receive from IL. I think that price is a myth, at least here in Bahia. Realistically I think we are looking at $1000/mo or more for a 3 bedroom place with an ocean view…but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep looking for what I want at the price I want .

We went and looked at a 4 bedroom condo that had a fantastic view of the ocean from the bedrooms and a great view of the ocean from the balcony. However, it faces northeast on the balcony and north from the bedrooms. So that means we would not be seeing the amazing sunsets that we have enjoyed each day from our current condo. They are asking a $1000 a month, electricity and internet not included.

This is actually a great deal. The place is huge inside by Ecuadorian terms. In the same building a one bedroom with the same views is available for $800 per month. The owner of the 4 bedroom had text me shortly after viewing it and wanted me to sign a contract. I told her that we aren’t ready to commit yet and need to look more.

Our intention is to look at rentals in several areas along the coast. Places we liked when we visited on our trip here in Nov of 2014. I am getting very attached to Bahia though. It’s not perfect but I like the rhythm and pace of this town. I love the ocean views I have. It does not have the best dry beach; in fact on the ocean side there is only walkable beach when the tide pulls out twice a day.  But when that happens, it’s flat and wide and long, and so enjoyable to be on. Paradise.