Friday, Jan 22, 2016

I can’t believe how fortunate I am to be sitting here this morning watching the multi white-crested waves break over the shallow ocean floor and roll onto the beach. This is my view of the world right now. The random and varied breaks in each single long line of bright white crested waves, spaced an equal distance from the wave in front and the wave behind, look like morse code being sent to me from the ocean itself.

Heidi, Easton, and I went to the beach this morning. Easton and I swam in the ocean as the high tide was making its way inward. The waves were great! We could feel a very strong current pulling us downward along the beach. After finding ourselves moved quite a bit further down the beach, we walked our way back in waist high water fighting the strong current pushing against us. This in itself was quite a work out. If it hadn’t been shallow enough to stand, I think I would have been carried away with the current!

Heidi, Easton, and I were invited by Don and Donna to go with them to San Clemente to eat at a pizza restaurant owned by a German expat named Myers. He’s a thin, tall man with a German accent. I guess he’s quite the entrepreneur…restaurant owner, wine seller, and coffee distributor to name what I know. I always appreciate a good entrepreneur. Gives me hope that I will find my entrepreneurial niche while living in this cool South American country!

And I have to say, the pizza was wood fired, oven baked, thin crust and absolutely delicious! During dinner, the five of us all had a nice conversation about living in Bahia, the cost of condos, daily living in San Clemente vs Bahia, sports, farming, and other topics. Good food, good beer, and great company!

I liked San Clemente when we had traveled through it over a year ago. It is much smaller than Bahia and very, very quiet. It may be too quiet. It was almost evening when we arrived so darkness fell before we had time to check out the beach and ocean. We are going to need to come back and spend the day exploring and checking out possible rentals. Since it is a good 30 minute drive, I’ll need to figure out a bus route or cab as our mode of transportation when we visit.