Thursday, Feb 4, 2016

Hola mi familia and mis amigos!

Today’s happenings:

Easton went and meditated on the beach for a bit today and Heidi went to jewelry class. I’ve spent almost the entire day learning things for my website…like the best backup program. Almost had a mishap! Also studied some Spanish…so much more is needed.

I received a great pic of some of the NICU team today on FB messenger. It is nice to be remembered, and it was great seeing all the peeps in the pic. I did have fun working with that group!

Great People Doing Great Work!

Great People Doing Great Work!

I received an email written in Spanish from the Ecuadorian Ministry. I think (if my translator function is working properly) our visas have been approved!…and which means a trip back to Guayaquil. I’m not sure I will be able to convince Heidi to repeat staying at Hostal Savoy II. I knew my chances decreased significantly when we passed the Hilton on the same block as the Ecuadorian Ministry office as we were leaving last week. But still, I doubt the Hilton will have as unique blankets as Hostal Savoy.

In the email there was a sentence about fee increases. It looks like the Visa fee increased as much as $200 per visa effective Jan 4th. I can’t tell if our type of Visa is a $100 or $200 dollar increase. Honestly, I will be glad when this process is over!!

We all each just had a great hamburger, along with a large beef kabob, chicken kabob, and pork kabob that we shared, at a little restaurant around corner from us. Add two large cervazas to that bill for a total of $13.50. That was one of the lowest cost and best tasting dining out meals I’ve had since arriving here.