Saturday, Mar 19, 2016

I’ve been a little grumpy today. Easton and I took Keeper to the Vet in San Vicente to have her stitches removed. It’s hot out and everything seems to take more energy. Keeper doesn’t deal well in the heat, so by the time we got our cab, took the ride over to San Vicente, had her stitches removed and then caught a cab back to Bahia, she was spent.

Our Vet contacted the Vet in Manta to see if the biopsy results came back. They have not. Our Vet thinks, based on the thing removed and other spots on her, that she may have skin cancer. I hope that isn’t the case. She acts just fine but we keep finding new black spots or raised black spots on her. I will keep you posted.

We went for a BBQ and get together with several expats around the pool at Dos Hemisferios (condo building). It was a good time! The sun was out, the pool was nice, lots of people, and it was fun just talking with everyone for a few hours. It got me out of my grumpy mood.

It is interesting how connecting with others usually changes low moods like grumpy, anxious, and depressed into something more positive, a higher well-being. There is something in human interaction that has the ability to lift us up. We know we aren’t alone. We can feel lighter and uplifted in the exchanges that take place between one another.

It takes more than conversation about the weather, sports, or the latest movie for this to happen. Connection requires an element of vulnerability. It is in the moment when we recognize our shared human condition the magic takes place. I see you and you see me.

And we are ok.