Friday, May 25, 2018

Different Way

There is a different way to do many things in Ecuador. Standing in a line takes a different focus and persistence than in the US. Bus drivers often times have a different way they stop and let people on and off their buses here. [Clue: it involves jumping toward and away from a moving object.] In Ecuador, there is a different way people place importance on time and appointments. These are all things I have learned how to manage since living here.

I have a couple of pics to illustrate the different way, from my US experience, that Ecuadorians can do things. Have you ever wondered what the family sedan in Ecuador looks like? Take a look…

different way

Ecuadorian Family Sedan

You will notice there are 5 people on this motorcycle. This is not unusual to see here. This family was driving on the beach, but others drive on the main highway like this too. It scares the crap out of me watching a mom side hold her baby as they drive by. Things you just get used to here.


Another unusual thing that happens here is how people often buy their toilet paper. Take a look at this TP vendor walking the streets carrying his wares.

It’s a Job

A man sitting at the bus stop bought a 4 pack of TP from the vendor as he went by. (You can see it in his lap.)

Are you one of those people who get embarrassed when the only item you have at the checkout is toilet paper because…well, the clerk knows what you have to do? Could you buy your TP direct from the TP man here? Personally, I’m curious if he offers 2-ply? 😉

It’s Not About Right or Wrong

If nothing else, living in Ecuador has made me appreciate that doing something in a different way is not right or wrong, good or bad, it is just different. It requires an ability to be flexible, to learn, and to appreciate that not everyone has my cultural and social experiences. And again, my life experiences aren’t better or worse, only different from someone else’s. I think this is a concept that could help us all get along more easily in our world.

Beach Time

I have only been out on the beach a few times this week. The clouds continue to come in daily, but the sun has managed to shine for prolonged periods every couple of days. Last night was the first rain we have had in a long time. It was kind of nice listening to it hit the roof while I was in bed.