Friday, May 18, 2018

Goodbye Bahia

I had a great visit in Bahia de Caraquez. It was fun creating my space while there. Nevertheless, I was happy to get back to creating my space at mi casa in San Jose this week. Before I left Bahia I got some pictures of the great mural art that has been painted around town. And just for fun I gave them my own names. 🙂



I love the river water effect the artist has done at the bottom of this mural of Indigenous people of the Amazon.

creating my space


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Creating My Space

The clouds have begun arriving in San Jose and Olon. The weather has changed in the 10 days I’ve been gone. Heavy cloud cover stays until mid-afternoon, then mostly burns off to give a couple of hours of sun mid-afternoon until sunset. Today however it was lightly raining in the morning and the gray cloud cover has remained. I was hoping that this weather would come later this year, but so far it looks just like last year.

There is a difference. This year I know what to expect and am not taken by surprise. In anticipation of this I found and hung onto a meditation exercise that has already helped me. It started a few months ago when the sun was brilliant and shining on me with its golden hue as I walked along the beach. The blue water reflectively glistened in the light of the sun. I closed my eyes and locked that imagery in my brain.

Now, when the clouds are lasting too long for my liking, I do two things. First, I remember that the brilliance of the sun is still shining above those clouds, and in my minds eye I see that. The light hasn’t and never will go away. Second, I put myself back in that place on the beach when the sun shone down, its light covered my body, and its warmth filled me up. I am completely covered. It shifts my mood and perception of my current circumstance.

So with my mind and body I can turn this…

Into this…

creating my space

…by creating my space.

This exercise is great for creating “space” around you when you may be in a situation that feels overwhelming, or when you may feel anxious about a possible future, or even just when feeling down. Finding “your place” that fills you with light and warmth, then accessing it, will help you relax, reset, and reorganize. It only takes a few moments. Try it!

Sunsets Are Setting

The months are coming when I wont be able to “actually” see the amazing sunsets on the beach. As of now there are still breaks in the clouds that allow my favorite fire-orb to blast its presence onto me. I thought this one was cool as it came out from hiding behind the blanket of clouds in the sky, to then slip quickly behind the ocean’s fortress wall that she had built during the day. Enjoy.

creating my space