Monday, Aug 15, 2016

Ok, I think I have completely settled into not going to work Monday morning anymore. I woke up this morning and totally thought it was Sunday. As I was pouring my first cup of coffee, I looked out my big kitchen window onto the park and sidewalk in front of me. The workers were hard at it building out the park, but for the last month they have worked seven days a week so that wasn’t unusual to see.

There were also runners along the path by the river and that’s normal everyday too. What was unusual were the number of people walking on the sidewalk dressed in a suit or nice clothes. Still, nothing registered. It wasn’t until almost two hours after I was up I realized today is Monday. At first I was disappointed because I love the feel of a quiet Sunday morning, but then I realized I could make this Monday morning feel the same way. So I did, and poured my second cup of coffee.

In Cuenca the people celebrate the Catholic saints. On the religious calendar for the month of August, I was told there are 28 days celebrating various saints. They celebrate by setting off loud cannon-like explosives. This starts around 6 am in the morning with two blasts released every 10 minutes for an hour. This happens again in the evening but I can’t figure out a pattern. There are two blasts and multiple blasts like a grand finale would sound, but then blasts happen later.

I have no idea where this is occurring near me or who is doing it, but it has been going on almost daily for over a week now. When the first one goes off at 6 am it startles me, then it just makes me chuckle every time afterwards during the hour because, really, who can sleep through this? Does anyone know the significance of the pattern? Two blasts, wait 10 minutes, then repeat? I am curious.

Heidi and I were in El Centro this afternoon and we walked by this guy playing a musical instrument and singing next to the Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción. I haven’t seen this instrument before. Do you know what it is called?Harp player

That’s all for today folks!