Tuesday, Aug 30, 2016

We all spent a great deal of our day inside working on our various interests on our computers. Finally Chase had it and said we need to get outside. The sun was out so I thought it was an excellent idea! We walked our loop around the river.

Heidi noticed a fresh fruit vendor on our walk that we never noticed before. We walked over to investigate. This woman was selling large bananas for 10 cents each. These bananas were larger and looked better than many I see at the farmers market. There was another fruit that was round, orange-colored, and hard-shelled. I asked her what it was and she said it is Granadilla (passion fruit) and gave me one to try. I’ve seen passion fruit before but the one’s I have seen were more yellow.

This woman was also selling chocolate covered bananas for 25 cents. Heidi and Chase tried one of those and said they were great. Easton and I tried the helados, which are like a popsicle, for 30 cents each. They are made with fresh juice, frozen in a plastic cup with a popsicle stick. I had a coconut one and it had pieces of shredded coconut in it. Delicious!

Passion Fruit


Helado de Coco

Helado de Coco










Another great day for us in Ecuador.