Friday, Feb 23, 2018

Kids in Colombia

It seems like it has been a long week. Not exactly sure why. Maybe because there have been a lot of comings and goings. Trips to Guayaquil and back. That kind of thing.

Tres Amigos Juntos de Nuevo

Easton headed for Colombia last Sunday to meet up with Chase and Michelle. Heidi and I went with him to Guayaquil. We enjoyed a great sushi farewell dinner, and said good bye as he got on the plane headed to new adventures.

By Sunday afternoon the 3 amigos were back together again. From the pics he and Chase have sent from Colombia it looks like a great country to visit.


cartagena colombia

Rooftop View in Cartagena

colombia caribbean


colombia desert meets caribbean

Desert Cactus Meets Cool Caribbean

Santa Marta

I was disappointed in their report of Santa Marta. Apparently it is more of a fishing port, not any good beaches, and probably more people living there than I would personally like. I guess I am going to have to go myself and travel the Caribbean coast line to find the “Olon” of Colombia. 🙂

Easton Heading Home

I am happy for Easton. He has had a great experience in Ecuador. Has a solid foundation of Spanish to continue to build upon, and he has the excitement and adventure of creating a new chapter in his life. After he explores Colombia for a couple of weeks he, as well as Chase and Michelle, are headed back to the States. He will be getting a job and picking up with his life there. I’m going to miss him and Chase. What a fun time we have all had together as a family.

Summer In Olon

Back here at home the beautiful weather has arrived. It does still rain almost every night into the morning, but by midday the sun and blue sky prevail. The white crested waves roll in from the blue Pacific and I am in my happy place. The fisherman throwing their hand nets into the surf seem to be happy too.

Of course the only thing better than the blue ocean is the sunset skies. Ahhh, welcome to Ecuador.