Monday, Mar 21, 2016

I feel like I’ve been beat up today. It was really hot outside during our work-out this morning. We were on the beach which was nice, but at one point I was on my knees crawling in the sand. We were supposed to be crawling…with our butt in the air and no knees touching the ground…crawl-step, push up, crawl-step, push up. I think I looked more like a dying man crossing the Sahara.

But I didn’t die and get to look forward to doing it again Wednesday.

After Spanish today my brain was mush. We are off of verbs and now learning adjectives and their rules, which are dependent on what letter the word ends in. It is a nice change.

Our instructor has us putting sentences together on the fly, asking us questions in Spanish and then we have to answer in sentences we create. It is exactly what will get me speaking Spanish, but after 90 minutes of this I’m fried.

Heidi took Keeper to get groomed today but by the time she got there they were filled up. The groomer is at the same place our Vet is located, but only comes once a week. It seems a bit chaotic how one gets his pet into this place, because they don’t make appointments. The dogs are brought in their kennels and left in the lobby until they get groomed. One dog had ticks coming off him which were walking on the floor when Heidi was there.

The groomer was having a bit of a freak out over this, and rightly so, but I’m not sure Keeper is up for being left there in her crate. Seems like there is potential for a lot of chaos. We may need to go on the hunt for our own clippers and see what we can do.

Easton made a bechamel sauce for the pasta we had for dinner tonight. We only had coconut milk so he used that and it turned out really good! He wants to get some fresh milk from the market and try using that (after it’s been pasteurized of course) in the recipe. I’m glad he is getting the cooking bug; I should stay well fed at this rate!


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