Tuesday, Mar 22, 2016

It’s been another hot day here. I’ve been inside most of the day.

Did I ever tell you the water is back on? About 3 days ago I was told all of the city had it available. We were very fortunate that we never ran out!

Heidi and I went for iced coffee at H Bar before she had some physical therapy done on her shoulder. While she was at PT I went and got my haircut! I think it has been a full 3 months since I last had it cut.

I don’t operate well with long hair. I tried it, but I don’t like it. The woman who cut my hair was very nice and did a good job. It was the best $3 haircut I have ever had. In fact, it may be the only $3 haircut I have ever had.

I have spent most of my day reading information on monetizing a website. It seems like too much sometimes, but I know it really isn’t that hard. It’s like learning another language and customs in a foreign culture. It just takes time to learn and get used to it.

Easton and Heidi went for a swim in the ocean a little before sunset. I choose not to go because I was still reading…but really, what was I thinking?! It took them all of 2 minutes out the front door to be waist high in the warm ocean water. I guess it was a beautiful sunset and they just floated and watched it sink below the horizon. In my mind, those are some of the best kinds of experiences to have…and that’s why I moved here!

It really illustrates that “no matter where you go, you’re still there”! In my life, I could forgo fun and interesting things because I was trying to get this or that thing up and running. I need to remind myself even here in Ecuador to stop and smell the sea breeze. 😉


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