Sunday, Dec 18, 2016

Nothing much happening today. I did go for my walk along the river and was “bit” by a dog. He really just nipped my thigh, and didn’t break any skin. The owners of the dog were a young Ecuadorian family…mom, dad, young son, washing clothes in the river. Their dog looked like a German shepherd-Lab mix.

The dog saw me and came running up from the river and started barking at me. I’m not afraid of dogs and started talking to him like I do any dog I pass. I kept walking, passed the dog, and then I felt the nip on my thigh. I turned around and faced the dog and continued to walk backwards.

By this time the dog’s owner was running up the river bank yelling for his dog to come. The dog just ran away from his owner, which was also away from me. I did have a walking stick so I wasn’t too worried, but it got exciting for a few seconds.

The problem with walking on a path is it is also the same path for the return route. As I approached the area where the dog had been, I was looking around for him. I saw the family still washing clothes but I didn’t see the dog. I continued to walk and then I spotted the dog about 200 feet ahead on the path.

The dog saw me about the same time I saw him, and he starts running towards me. I am right at the spot where the dog’s owners are in the river so I just stopped and waited. The guy could see what was happening so he came up from the river, again, and tried to contain his dog. The dog reached me before the owner reached the dog, and this time I held out my walking stick to keep fido from a second attempt at my leg.

When the owner was near me the dog took off again. This dog doesn’t mind well. The guy went after his dog and I continued on my walk and tried to reclaim my zen place. That was a weird experience. Dogs usually like me, and if they don’t they keep their distance.

I suppose the dog felt I threatened his family, but dang, the owners need to teach him some manners.I think the guy was telling me sorry but he was talking fast and I couldn’t catch it. Frankly, I just wanted to put some distance between me and all of them.

The rest of my walk was peaceful. It was overcast when I started, but warm, and it’s still overcast. Maybe the sun will shine later. Basically though, the rest of the day is going to be spent watching football. Hopefully the Broncos will end their losing streak!