Friday, May 24, 2019

Out and About

It felt good to get out and about this week! I came out of hermit crab mode and spent time with friends. I have to tell you, on a sunny day talking with friends on a balcony that over looks this beautiful ocean, while drinking wine and eating freshly sauteed langostinos, makes for a spectacular afternoon. Just one of the things that makes living here truly special. Thank you Lanita for the invite and hospitality!

Weather Change

The weather has changed. It is now cloudy more than sunny. Still, we are getting two or three days of sunshine during the week. If it would keep this up for several more weeks I will be a happy beach comer. It is unlikely it will though. I also don’t think I will have to deal with the many months ahead filled with gray clouds. My plan is to be in Colombia September 1st.

I oscillate with my decision to move. Some days I know it is exactly the right thing to do, and on other days I wonder how I can give this experience up? Then I remember, life is just a series of experiences, right?

Not the Only Change

Because of that I think it’s important not to get attached to any one experience. Things change. They always do; nothing remains the same. This may be the only real truth of life.

Sometimes change is slow, other times it’s fast. Regardless, managing change is done well with a proper mindset. Holding only a loose grip, if having any grip at all, on things or situations can make the transition of change less painful. Being curious about what is ahead can change fear of loss into feelings of excitement for the possibilities ahead. Remembering that we can make choices to course correct, or create a change ourselves if necessary, also provides a sense of control through change.

Ultimately though, being present in the moment and finding gratitude for even the most basic thing may be the biggest help we can do for ourselves through change and transition. What do you think?