Saturday, Aug 13, 2016

Woot woot! What a phenomenally gorgeous day today. For much of the day there was not one cloud in the sun filled sky to be seen. The deep blue and bright yellow colors bathed us from above. Heidi and I went for a very long walk along the Yanuncay river and soaked in every bit of it.

We started from where we live on Primero de Mayo (almost at Avienda Las Americas y Primero de Mayo), walking the path that runs along the Yanuncay, all the way to Parque Paraiso (Paradise Park) where the Yanuncay and Tomebamba rivers merge. It was a perfect day to do this.

Along Yanuncay Trail

This is the path along the Yanuncay close to our home that we walk often.

Yanuncay Trail #2


These kids were playing on the teeter-totter and the boy in blue had asked us if we would pull his end down so he could get on…then he was doing a show for us. The rock wall behind the yellow house has steps made into it so the people who live there can get to the river.

Yanuncay Trail #3

At this point in the trail, the groomed trail traded sides of the river but we continued to walk on the same side. This large tree trunk was cut and left for dead, but the tree had other ideas. It’s Saturday wash day at the Yanuncay.

Yanuncay Trail #3b

Notice that the women wash the clothes standing in the river, and the men watch the clothes dry laying in the warm grass. It’s important to have the right job in life. 😉


Well, we weren’t so smart to stay on the ungroomed trail side of the Yanuncay. We found out that the Tarqui river empties into the Yanuncay and it crossed our path. The Tarqui isn’t that wide and we considered walking across it, but with our cell phones in our pockets, if we slipped it could mean disaster.

Yanuncay Trail #4

So we followed alongside the Tarqui river going in the opposite direction until we found a bridge to cross, and then headed back in the direction toward Parque Paraiso. There were a lot of cows and chickens along this route.

Yanuncay Trail #5

As we walked along the Tarqui river now headed in the correct direction toward the park, we had a good view of the church at Mirador de Turi up on the hill. Also, we could see more evidence that Saturday is definitely laundry day.

Yanuncay Trail #6

When we reached Parque Paraiso we were not disappointed. It is the largest park in Cuenca, about 40 acres. It has a playground area for the kids, futbol fields for sports, a large pond/lagoon filled with ducks and geese, trails along both the Tomebama and Yanuncay rivers that border it, and wooden walkways that go through the trees and give a good view where the two rivers merge.

Merge of Tomebamba and Yanuncay rivers

It was the best weather day for us in Cuenca so far. I have missed being able to be outside for hours and not need long sleeves or a jacket. I even was able to wear shorts today! Heidi and I had a great afternoon together seeing more of what Cuenca offers.

Tonight we meet Scott and Colleen for dinner at El Salon for Mediterranean food. A perfect way to end a great day!