Friday, Aug 12, 2016

I have spent the entire day working on my life coaching website and writing a blog post for it. It is about Fathers and Sons. Heidi made one of her “Memories as Art” on a pic of a buddy of mine and his son shaving. I was inspired to write about it.

It has been a pretty nice day outside but the closest I got to it was stepping out on our terrace to take a picture of the park construction going on across the street. I did walk to the market after sunset to grab some ingredients for the BBQ chicken pizza with homemade crust that Heidi made for dinner. It was once again delicious.

I chuckle to myself to think how many years my wife didn’t cook and now, here, she is in the kitchen always making something. I definitely have to chalk this up in the “win” column of moving to Ecuador. While I was at my desk writing she brought me over a warm piece of gluten free banana-zuchinni bread she just had made and baked.

I like this pace she and I are experiencing right now. It feels very relaxed and we both get to spend our day doing things we enjoy. There is so much to be said for freedom of time!