Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016

Heidi had her massage appointment this afternoon and had her shoulder worked on some more. I went with her in the taxi to drop her off, then I headed to Supermaxi to pick up some things we needed to make Christmas cookies. Chase is volunteering tomorrow at the school where he helps the kids with their homework. He talked Heidi into helping him make Christmas cookies for them.

My job is to find powdered sugar and corn syrup for the icing. It is always a guess where things are in this store. After going down the aisles three times and still unable to find the corn syrup, I asked for help when I was at the register.

I am not sure what the word for syrup is however. I saw maple syrup on the shelf and it is labeled “Miel Maple”. What confuses me is that the word for honey is “miel”. I decided to ask for “Meil Maiz” and then add “pero no aciete de maiz”, “but not corn oil”. I guess I made myself clear because the clerk went down an aisle and came back with corn syrup.

Thirst Quencher

Thirst Quencher

After I took care of my assigned task, I began to walk back toward the place Heidi was having her massage. Along the way I passed a restaurant with umbrella covered tables outside, so since I had time to kill, I sat down and ordered a beer. It was cold, on tap, and delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed it as I watched the people walk by.

I picked Heidi up and we caught a taxi home. It wasn’t too long before her and Chase were elbows deep in cookie dough and frosting. I went into the kitchen periodically to supervise…and look for cookies.

Chase was in charge of mixing the cookie dough and he was barely into it when our hand mixer died. Welcome to Ecuador quality. Truthfully I don’t know where this mixer was made, but it has only been used a couple of times since we bought it, and it never worked well right out of the box. There is no returning anything here though.

Chase went downstairs and asked our land lady if she had a mixer (batidora) we could borrow. She told Chase she would bring it up to us, and within 10 minutes our land lady and her maid appear at our door with an elaborate large bowl mixer. I remember seeing one like this when I was a kid. Our land lady left and the maid stayed to give Chase instructions.

Remember the other day when we found “Christmas” cookie cutters? Well Heidi got creative since we only had a circle, a star, and a heart, and she made a cookie shaped like the wrapped candy that is so popular here.

Christmas Cookies Time

Christmas Cookie Time

Heidi said the cookies were difficult to decorate because we didn’t have the right kind of frosting “tools”. She improvised and did a great job creating designs anyway. The best part is they taste great!

christmas cookies platter

Christmas cookie platter

After dinner I brewed a fresh pot of coffee and ate Christmas cookies for dessert. Yum.