Tuesday, Jan 10, 2016

More rain in Cuenca. I’ve decided, no matter what anyone will try and convince otherwise, the “seasons” In Cuenca are the same. The only variation is what time each day it starts to rain. Today it started raining earlier than usual and continued on and off all day long.

Facebook popped up a pic of Heidi, Easton, and I that I had posted one year ago today. It was our final pic in our house, and a pic with bags loaded to head to Vegas to fly out to Ecuador. My oldest son Chase was still in Guyana on his Peace Corps service. It wouldn’t be until August that we would meet up with him in Ecuador.

Home is where the heart is…not the furniture

We had to borrow my nephew’s Suburban to get us…and all our luggage to Vegas

Tomorrow is the big 1 year anniversary of the Gorishek’s in Ecuador. What a wild ride it has been at times. How interesting and how boring. How exciting and how dull. How hard and how easy…well maybe never easy 😉 What it really reflects is how “I am here”…where ever “I” am.

I create opportunities for interest, and situations to be bored. Ultimately the opportunities to engage, or not, and to be happy, or not, are always mine. What I gain is always up to me. It really is no different a truth here for “me”, the “I”,  than if I was in the US or some other foreign place.

Living present and choosing happiness in each moment is the key to contentment. At least that’s what I am convinced of…as convinced as I know it will rain in Cuenca. It is just what proves itself to be true.

Peace and Chau.