Wednesday, Jan 11, 2017

Big sigh. When I committed to write a blog post for each day of my life for the first year living in Ecuador, I knew it was a big commitment. The challenge excited me though because I knew at the end I would have a recorded journal of what I did, what was happening, and what I was feeling through the first year of my big adventure. Lol…my big adventure. That is how we described what our little dog Keeper got to do traveling with us to Ecuador…going on her big adventure. I miss her.

Little Keep

My truth is this has been, and continues to be, a big adventure for me. I still don’t have everything worked out. I still have unknowns as to where I will be living in Ecuador three months from now, what I will be doing in my business one year from now. The only thing I know with a present level of certainty is that I will be in Ecuador for this next year of my life.

I was talking to Heidi about my “Living in Ecuador” blog and commented that it isn’t all, or even mostly, like a visitors guide to Ecuador. If you have had a chance to read David Sasaki’s facebook posts in the Ecuador Expats group, this guy is a wealth of info about all things Ecuador. Great and interesting information is posted daily by him. Thank you David!

My Living in Ecuador blog is not that. It is more about pulling back the curtain and letting people see a man who sometimes has his shit together, and sometimes doesn’t, as he tries living in a new and foreign place. It has been about breaking out of my perceived box, walking away from a “standardized” life in both actions and expectations, and doing what the fuck I really want to be doing. And doing what I want means dealing with my own fears along the way.

Big sigh again. Have I been successful? I’m not sure how to really measure that. Partly this is because I’m not done. In truth I don’t expect to ever “be done”. One thing leads to the next…that leads to the next. Being able to move forward and walk into “the next” thing as it presents itself is what I really, really enjoy. This I know for sure.

The fam

I also know I have had special experiences and opportunities with my family since coming to Ecuador. Having my wife here and on board with me is a blessing I am lucky to have. Sometimes dreams can stop cold when spouses are out of sink, and I didn’t have to deal with that. Also, having my adult sons around has been a lot of fun too! I’m lucky to be able to enjoy my family in Ecuador and share some great experiences together. It is a cool time in our lives as a family.

So, today is one year in Ecuador. For those of you who are a bit OCD, let me address the “Day” count on my blog. It really seemed to me that today should be Day 366. If Day 1 was January 11, 2016, then Day 365 should be January 10, 2017, if 365 days are in a year. We had a leap year this past year too which added a day. So I would expect that today, January 11, 2017 should be Day 367. Right?

Well, I went back this morning to review my chronology. I started a quick review and found I have two blog posts titled Day 36. Damn. There should be one more day mis-titled as well. My blog is 19 pages long so I haven’t scrolled through the whole thing yet to find it. So what does this mean? Absolutely nothing!

I made a commitment to blog each day for a year, my year is marked by the day I entered this country, and I have done exactly that. I am celebrating! My family is celebrating. I am celebrating my decision to step into the unknown, to embrace all my experiences whether they were good, bad, or just down right terrifying. I have met many new people, developed new friendships, and expanded my world.

My life is full. It’s not perfect, but it is one I am embracing with my whole being. Life is an adventure, and I am on the path of my choosing.

On to the next year…